Three months after the full-scale war against Ukraine began, a group of LNAA alumni met with the administration and student government to discuss fundraising opportunities. In July 2022, a Charity Foundation was registered. After six strategic sessions with PPV Knowledge Networks (an economic development agency and long-time partner of the LNAA), the Foundation has defined its goals and pilot projects.


1. The Foundation’s large international community is united around the idea of supporting the Lviv National Academy of Arts. The Foundation builds connections between the Academy and professional circles: business, professionals in the field of arts, and creative industries.

2. Members of the Foundation are Academy’s alumni and partners. They contribute their time, talent, and brainpower to the Foundation’s programs. The members are aware of and accept their responsibility for fostering growth and involvement in the success of the Academy.

3. The Foundation is a professional organization that has great fundraising potential and sound expertise in financial asset management and project financing. The Foundation is a transparent and democratic institution with the highest standards of organizational management.

4. Fundraising and financing the Academy’s development projects is a key objective of the Foundation; it is an essential factor when selecting forms of initiatives and activities. Annually, the Foundation sponsors programs totalling not less than 20% of the Academy’s public funding.

5. The initiatives of the Foundation are influential and visible. They have the support of a wide network of alumni, professors, students, and partners. The Foundation is charged with representing the Academy, the city of Lviv, and Ukraine, playing an essential role in the establishment of reputation capital.

Founding Members

Oleksiy Cherednichenko

A graduate of the Lviv National Academy of Arts with a Master’s degree in Sacral Art. Genuinely interested in art in its various forms, he studied sculpture in Kyiv and icon painting in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine. He also has a Master’s degree in Restoration from the Lviv Polytechnic National University. Oleksiy has participated in multiple national and international exhibitions. His extensive professional creative experience proved helpful in establishing the artists’ association “Obraz”. For 15 years, Obraz has designed over 30 monumental objects in Ukraine, Canada, and Poland. Oleksiy is also known as co-founder of the “Ukrainian Icon Painters Union” and a member of the “Designers’ Union of Ukraine”. He is actively involved in public activities and volunteering work. His motto is ‘Dream, believe and embody’.

Victoriya Shatkovska

Victoriya is a graduate of the Lviv National Academy of Arts’ Department of Art Management, an artist, and art curator. Her interests are concentrated around the cultural, artistic, and business environment. Victoriya’s career in banking, research and higher education, her studies at the LNAA, and independent art career have all molded and expanded her life experience. Her artistic work include paintings, graphic works, collages, and illustrations. Victoriya has participated in numerous charity auctions and exhibitions, highlighting her profound interest in Ukrainian art. Her philosophy is “Movement is life!”.

Khrystyna Zayats

Khrystyna is a graduate of the Lviv National Academy of Arts with a degree in Graphic Design. She is a designer and artist, a co-founder and curator of the “Svitlo” modern art gallery in Lviv. Khrystyna is a member of the National Scout Organization of Ukraine “Plast” and a graduate of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership. Khrystyna formerly held the position of art director for the “Taste of Life” eco-products retail chain, combining her passion for design and eco-awareness. In her spare time, Khrystyna likes exploring new destinations. Ex-director of the all-Ukrainian hiking competition “Trails of Heroes”, organized by Plast. Khrystyna loves folk culture and authentic Ukrainian songs. She is a member of the band “Mala Nichka”. She always makes choices in favour of living a happy life.


Student & Postgraduate

  • Scholarships for study and accommodation at the LNAA
  • Student and postgraduate mobility
  • Student health (healthy nutrition, sports, mental health, crisis intervention)
  • Creative entrepreneurship (business incubator, support for start-ups)
  • Support for student self-governance projects and the development of clubs

Improvement of Student Study
& Accommodation Conditions

  • Renovation of the LNAA facilities and educational spaces (safety, functionality, inclusiveness, campus development)
  • Improvement of living conditions in student residences
  • Preservation and revitalization of cultural heritage
  • Purchase of art equipment and supplies
  • Payment for work of models
  • Support of digitization processes

and Staff Support

  • Stipends for guest lecturers
  • Academic mobility for faculty
  • Professional development for faculty and staff (English courses, teaching skills, universal skills)

Support for Art, Research,
and Communication Projects

  • Individual and collective events/projects (exhibitions, residencies, research projects, conferences)
  • Research and promotion of the LNAA’s achievements
  • Development of media communications
  • Publications

Energy Efficiency Programs

  • Energy audit and energy management
  • Modernization of buildings and equipment
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Waste management: sorting, recycling, and upcycling