Report for 2022


The vision of the “Friends of LNAA” Charitable Foundation is to unite people in Ukraine and abroad around the idea of supporting the Lviv National Academy of Arts. Throughout 2023, we worked with the Academy to form a community of friends, establishing connections with alumni, businesses, municipalities, civic organizations, and professionals in the creative industries.

Three ambassadors of the Foundation became our pillars in external communications.

Throughout the year, the Foundation team, in collaboration with the Academy, conducted 50 working meetings, coordinating fundraising events and implementing key projects.

Three new staff members joined the Foundation, enhancing organizational capacity and invigorating work in various directions.

Foundation team members underwent training in 9 courses on fundraising, project management, copyright, communication in wartime conditions, and more.

Various directions of assistance to students were supported by 4 charitable organizations, which became our partners: the Charitable Foundation of Kozytskyy, the Foundation of Saint Volodymyr, the “Ernst et Olga Gubler-Hablutzel Foundation” (Switzerland), and the American charitable fund “Ukraine Assistance Fund,” with which a long-term cooperation agreement has been signed. The fund will act as our counterpart in the United States, which will simplify charitable contributions transfers for American patrons.

10 artistic education institutions from Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, and the United Kingdom joined in financing our projects.

452 Academy graduates from different years attended the first joint meeting.

80 artists donated a total of 102 works of art for charitable auctions


Total Charity Receipts: UAH 5.5 million

In 2023, the Foundation received over UAH 5.5 million in charitable donations from individuals, charitable funds, municipalities, and businesses in Ukraine and other countries. In particular:

  • Funds Raised at Charity Auctions: UAH 1.25 million. 
    Two charity auctions were conducted to raise funds for two Foundation programs: shelter renovation and the creation of an inclusive environment at the Academy. The student-organized auction sold 44 pieces of artwork, raising  UAH 1.25 million.
  • Funds Raised at Charity Exhibitions in Canada: UAH 220,000.
    Conducted in collaboration with our Canadian friends in New Westminster and Vancouver, exhibitions and sales were organized, raising UAH 220,000 for the needs of LNAA students. The Canadian community and Ukrainian diaspora had the opportunity to see works by Academy students and graduates and learn about their experiences during the war.
  • Funds Raised from various benefactors (individuals, businesses, funds): UAH 1.2 million  for various announced projects of the Fund.
  • Funds Raised from the municipality of Würzburg (Germany) and in partnership with the communal institution “City Institute” (Lviv): UAH 1.97 million specifically for the repair of a student dormitory.
  • Funds Raised from artistic educational institutions abroad: UAH 514,000 for the implementation of priority target development programs of the Academy.

  • Funds Raised from the “Arma Christi” Collection: UAH 278,000.
    The “Arma Christi” project, led by faculty, alumni, and students of the sacred art department at LNAA, created icons with embedded fragments of russian artillery shells. As a result, an exhibition of 18 works was presented in Vatican and several Italian cities. In 2023, a portion of the works had been sold.
  • Funds Raised at “Kram in LNAA” Student Markets: UAH 42,000.
    During two markets in June and December, Academy students sold their original works, including paintings, ceramics, postcards, and stickers. The events included workshops, a food court, and contemporary music.
  • Funds Raised at Charity Evening in the Shelter: UAH 28,000. 
    To present the renovated shelter, the Foundation organized the first charity evening. Guests had the opportunity to explore the space and view the war illustration exhibition by Yana Gurnik, an LNAA master’s student. Through warm conversations and music by the “Lemko Bluegrass Band,” visitors made contributions totaling UAH 28,000.
  • Funds Raised at Alumni Meetings: UAH 20,000.
    In collaboration with the Academy’s administration, departments, and student council, the Foundation organized a large alumni meeting for the first time. Alumni had the opportunity to learn about our projects, plans, and achievements, visit newly joined LNAA premises, their respective departments, and the shelter, which was under renovation at the time.


Total Disbursements: UAH 4.4 million

In 2023, disbursements totaling UAH 4.4 million have been made for Foundation programs to support LNAA. In particular:

  • Shelter LNAA: UAH 1.37 million.
    Shelter LNAA was the Foundation’s first major project, initiated in February and completed with the opening in October 2023. The neglected basement space transformed into a modern art center, open for education, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, film screenings, and other events. Accessibility requirements were implemented, heating system optimized, powerful ventilation installed, kitchen and restrooms arranged, exhibition lighting and art installation mounting systems installed. Lviv City Council, friendly art academies from Poland, Slovakia, and Estonia, as well as Ukrainian and international partners, contributed to project financing. The total project budget was approximately UAH 3 million.
  • Scholarship Programs: UAH 343,000.
    For the LNAA students who have found themselves in difficult circumstances due to the war. Throughout the year, 34 social scholarships as well as 4 named scholarships have been granted to students for tuition.
  • Art Supplies for Students: UAH 38,000.
    In addition to scholarships, the Foundation provided art materials for ten students affected by the russian invasion.
  • LNAA Dormitory: UAH 1.48 million.
    Significant renovations were carried out in the LNAA student dormitory thanks to the financial contribution from the municipality of the German city of Würzburg, in partnership with the municipal institution “City Institute” of Lviv. Water supply and sewage systems were replaced, restrooms reconfigured, windows and entrance doors replaced, ventilation installed, and heating radiators replaced.
  • Support for LNAA Staff: UAH 81,000.
    As part of the support program for LNAA teachers and staff, assistance was provided to five Academy employees (two of whom have been internally displaced).
  • Current Expenditures for LNAA and Departmental Needs: UAH 467,000.
    Current expenditures for the functioning of the Academy and departmental needs, such as practical arts, monumental painting, artistic metalwork, graphic design, artistic wood, artistic ceramics, and art restoration.
  • Major renovation of the Workshops for the Department of Sacred Art: UAH 402,000.
    Thanks to a portion of the work sold through the “Arma Christi” project, the repair of three workshops of the Department of Sacred Art has been carried out. That included replacing the flooring, doors, electrical networks, and lighting fixtures, repairing the heating, installing plumbing, sinks, and re-painting the interior.
  • Royalties for Artists: UAH 200,000.
    Compensation (royalties) totaling UAH 200,000 was given to 20 authors for 25 works sold at the charity auction.
  • Repair and renovation of LNAA Dormitory Psychologist’s Office: UAH 13,000.
    In modern wartime conditions, the need to support the mental health of our students has become increasingly relevant. Therefore, one of the dormitory rooms had been  transformed into a comfortable and welcoming space, where regular appointments with two psychologists are conducted. In addition to individual sessions, group meetings are also held.

LNAA students’ Social Project at the “Dzherelo” Rehabilitation Center in Lviv

Answering the Center’s request, our managers, together with students and volunteers, created murals in the “Entertainment and Discoveries Park” for children and youth with disabilities.



Friends of LNAA” Charitable Foundation established a network of international people working as a community to support the initiatives and projects, along with necessary fundraising opportunities and strategies to continue fostering the mission of LNAA during the difficult circumstances of the full scale war, and into the future. Because of the financial generosity of our partners, and creative problem solving of the LNAA community, we look forward to increasing support and success. We are grateful for each person and organization supporting LNAA, and we are equally grateful for your continuing and expanding commitment as true “Friends of LNAA”.  Because of you, our success is possible and our students can become ambassadors of hope and resilience. Thank you!

Charitable Foundation «Friends of the LNAA» was founded by graduates of the Lviv National Academy of Arts in July 2022 for support of their Alma Mater. At our inception, the founders, together with students and the administration of LNAA, conducted 6 strategic sessions and defined the Vision, Mission, Program Directions and Priority Projects for «Friends of the LNAA» Foundation.

By the end of 2022, 76 donors came forward to support LNAA. A large number of graduates, teachers, students, friends and partners of LNAA developed and implemented new opportunities to support students and employees. This beginning – the creation of a community of friends of the Academy initiated the formation of ties between LNAA and professional circles, including businesses, professionals in the graphic design and arts fields, creative industries, and development organizations.

During 2022, LNAA received gifts and donations from 5 to 280,000 UAH. Every gift is significant – donations from connoisseurs of creativity, collectors, graduates, famous artists, business representatives, international partners and other friends of the Academy are the reason we continue to thrive.

32 works of art were donated by well-known Ukrainian artists to the collection of the Lviv National Academy of Arts, given through the Friends of LNAA Foundation for further implementation supporting student and professional needs of the LNAA Community

In general, in 2022 at the expense of Charity Foundation «Friends of the LNAA» received almost 1,3 million UAH from their charitable donations.

From the accumulated funds, 500,000 UAH were paid for the needs of the Academy.

2 charity auctions were held to raise funds to support LNAA students. 26 works of art were sold and more than 500 thousand UAH were raised to help LNAA students from the affected areas from hostilities, arrangement of conditions for their education and living.

The material and technical base of department «Current Art Practice» and library has been replenished. Department of restoration of artworks was provided by materials for restoration work in one of the auditoriums of the LNAA.

18 students who found themselves in difficult circumstances because of war were supported. These students were paid for studying at the Academy and living in dormitory.

5 teachers received financial support.

Because of the generosity of the Foundation Friends of the LNAA and because of your ongoing and additional support, Lviv National Academy of Arts can continue to teach, educate, thrive and build a Community who will be essential to help as we rebuild a brighter Ukraine.

Thank You!