Report for 2022

Charitable Foundation «Friends of the LNAA» was founded by graduates of the Lviv National Academy of Arts in July 2022 for support of their Alma Mater. At our inception, the founders, together with students and the administration of LNAA, conducted 6 strategic sessions and defined the Vision, Mission, Program Directions and Priority Projects for «Friends of the LNAA» Foundation.

By the end of 2022, 76 donors came forward to support LNAA. A large number of graduates, teachers, students, friends and partners of LNAA developed and implemented new opportunities to support students and employees. This beginning – the creation of a community of friends of the Academy initiated the formation of ties between LNAA and professional circles, including businesses, professionals in the graphic design and arts fields, creative industries, and development organizations.

During 2022, LNAA received gifts and donations from 5 to 280,000 UAH. Every gift is significant – donations from connoisseurs of creativity, collectors, graduates, famous artists, business representatives, international partners and other friends of the Academy are the reason we continue to thrive.

32 works of art were donated by well-known Ukrainian artists to the collection of the Lviv National Academy of Arts, given through the Friends of LNAA Foundation for further implementation supporting student and professional needs of the LNAA Community

In general, in 2022 at the expense of Charity Foundation «Friends of the LNAA» received almost 1,3 million UAH from their charitable donations.

From the accumulated funds, 500,000 UAH were paid for the needs of the Academy.

2 charity auctions were held to raise funds to support LNAA students. 26 works of art were sold and more than 500 thousand UAH were raised to help LNAA students from the affected areas from hostilities, arrangement of conditions for their education and living.

The material and technical base of department «Current Art Practice» and library has been replenished. Department of restoration of artworks was provided by materials for restoration work in one of the auditoriums of the LNAA.

18 students who found themselves in difficult circumstances because of war were supported. These students were paid for studying at the Academy and living in dormitory.

5 teachers received financial support.

Because of the generosity of the Foundation Friends of the LNAA and because of your ongoing and additional support, Lviv National Academy of Arts can continue to teach, educate, thrive and build a Community who will be essential to help as we rebuild a brighter Ukraine.

Thank You!