Accessibility Enhances Tomorrow

The idea of accessibility is to break down barriers, so everyone has fair and equal access. In the context of education, this means removing any obstacles that students or staff with disabilities might face. For veterans and civilians with reduced mobility, art and design education can be a therapeutic activity as well as a path to a successful professional career. We aim to assist the LNAA in accelerating the project’s implementation of an accessibility culture. We want everyone in the Academy to feel like they belong. The first step in this process should be to establish physical accessibility to the buildings of the Academy.

This project requires the following costs:

  • Two fully accessible elevators for all 6 floors of Academic building number four – 36 700 € × 2 = 73 400 €
  • One fully accessible elevator for all 4 floors of Academic building number two – 39 300 €
  • Automatic entryway sliding doors with energy-efficient windows for Academic building two – 32 700 €
  • Six fully accessible toilets in the Academic buildings number two and four – 10 100 € × 6 = 60 600 €