Bomb Shelters

Ukrainian students continue to study under the constant threat of shelling. During the year of the war, the LNAA bomb shelter became not only a place of safety: lectures, consultations and even exhibitions were held here. Within the framework of this project, we aim to transform the LNAA bomb shelter into full-fledged classrooms for comfortable and safe student learning, accessible to the entire LNAA community.

This project requires the following costs:

  • Reconstruction of shelter to provide an uninterruptible educational process – 25 700 €
  • Independent electrical wiring and lighting systems – 14 700 €
  • Radiators, valves, thermostatic heads and pipes connected to the existing hot water heating system during Winter season – 16 700 €
  • Solar power stations for an uninterruptible power supply system – 30 200 €
  • Heat recovery and ventilation system – 30 600 €
  • Inclined platform lift to shelter for people with limited mobility — 14 600 €
  • Installation of a fire safety system – 1 500 €

Activities related to the project