January 17, 2023

Improving Living Conditions for Students in the LNAA Dormitory

Thanks to financial support from the German city of Würzburg, we have successfully provided hot water to all nine floors of the Academy’s dormitory. Additionally, we have completely renovated the bathrooms on two floors: installed shower cabins, new sinks, and toilets. Previously, access to showers was only available in the basement of the dormitory. In addition, kitchen repairs are underway.

Currently, 400 students reside in the dormitory. Over the past two years, extensive reconstruction has been ongoing to improve living conditions for them. All renovation work is organized by the Charity Fundation «Friends of the Lviv National Academy of Arts».

By the way, recently, Mayor of Würzburg Christian Schuchardt visited the Academy, where, among other things, he toured the renovated premises of the dormitory, which were repaired with the city’s funds. 

So, thanks for the financial support to our German partners, and we hope for further cooperation.