December 29, 2022

Fundraising for the Department of Contemporary Art Practices

As the year comes to an end, we have an example of successful fundraising and solidarity from the friends of the Department of Contemporary Art Practices at LNAA.

The head of the department, Daryna Skrynnik-Myska, and Yaryna Shumska successfully attracted donors who contributed over 2,200 euros (87,000 UAH) for the Charity Foundation “Friends of LNAA”. The donated monies were used in part, to pay for five instructors who taught courses in the recently launched Master’s program in Contemporary Art Practices. Remaining funds were used to pay for media equipment (projector and television), which are used for teaching and showcasing student works.

We urge LNAA graduates to get involved in the life of their departments and where possible, contribute financially for a specific need. In the comments section of your payment, you can specify which department or project should get the benefit of your donation.