January 11, 2024

55 Students Received Assistance from the NGO «Volunteering and Protection Center»

Back in October of last year, we reached out to the charitable organization «Volunteering and Protection Center» with a request to support the students of the Academy who live in the dormitory and need assistance. This includes internal migrants, students who lost parents on the front lines, those whose parents are currently serving, students with disabilities, and orphans. In response, they all received humanitarian kits containing essentials: food, cosmetics, and household chemicals. Thanks to the Charity foundation «Friends of the Lviv National Academy of Arts» which organized the delivery of the kits and their distribution on-site, each student received a set personally.

We appreciate the effective cooperation with the NGO «Volunteering and Protection Center»! We value your work and attention to the needs of others.

*«Volunteering and Protection Center» is a humanitarian hub with logistic centers in Ukraine and Poland, helping Ukrainian civilians and medical institutions. The center started operating immediately after the full-scale invasion as a volunteer movement. Since April 2022, it has been working on projects in humanitarian, medical, and construction directions as a charitable organization.