May 25, 2023

Our First Charitable Student Auction: A Tradition Begins at LNAA!

On May 25, 2023, the LNAM Gallery hosted its first-ever charitable auction featuring artworks created by students of LNAA. This event marked the beginning of an annual tradition celebrating the collaboration between the Academy’s students and the «Friends of LNAA» Foundation.

The students designed, created and contributed their own artworks for sale, organizing and conducting the auction themselves. It was a completely student led, student initiated and student directed effort. A total of 26 participants generously donated 29 of their works to the Charitable Fund for Future Sales, and fundraising for ongoing LNAA Academy development projects. 

During our inaugural student auction, 13 artworks were purchased bringing in a total donation of 56,000 UAH! This is a tribute not only to our students, but also to the great generosity of all our LNAA patrons.

Thank you to our students for their excellent work, and to all of our donors for your exceptional support. Because of your generous donations, we at LNAA are able to showcase our brilliant students and their inspiring artwork. Again, thank you and thanks to our students and their teachers!

The auction showcased works by Vitaliia Chuprovska, Oleksandr Makohon, Daria Kostiuk, Vira Pakosh, Taras Tsar, Mila Naumenko, Viktoriia Myslyvets, Oleksii Makhnovskyi, Anastasiia Sukhliak, Liliia Mandryk, Solomiia Petryk, Anastasiia Vlasenko, Iryna Tarasiuk, Alina Navalishena, Mykyta Shymko, Mariiana Shnitsier, Halyna Herliak, Liubov Vavryniu, Yeva Tsurkanu, Yana Krykun, Yuliia Boish, Margaryta Safonova, Alisa Drobysheva, Nazar Yaremchuk, Oleksandra Doroshenko, and Solomiia Sviderska.

We extend our gratitude to all the donors who not only support these young artists, but also contribute to the ongoing renovations at the Academy. We eagerly await future auctions led by students, and the participation of you, our partners and benefactors, so their talent can be showcased, and projects to develop LNAA may continue and thrive.

Invest in the future!

With you our LNAA future grows brighter: our students receive the best art education in Ukraine 🇺🇦, our teachers continue to inspire, and our facilities can strive to provide all the needs of our most precious resource at LNAA – our young artists.

Yes, invest in this exciting future!

How? Become part of our Foundation, contribute directly, adopt a student, and consider ways to support LNAA via our website.

Again, thank you for your ongoing generosity and support. Because of you, our students are able to thrive through this difficult and challenging time of war. You really matter to LNAA, and our young artists are grateful.