May 8, 2024

Meeting with the ARC.UA Team

We invite you to discuss the intricacies of publishing on Friday, May 17, at 5:00 PM, together with the ARC.UA publishing house at the LNAA Shelter.

ARC.UA is a Ukrainian publishing platform that does not chase the number of book releases per year, publishing books for the sake of books, and does not suffer from graphomania, publishing texts only for the sake of texts. Its goal is to form a diverse community of thinkers inspired by well-told stories of our writers, enhanced by the work of talented artists and designers.

A community armed with critical thinking and protected by common sense, seeking answers beyond conventional constraints. ARC.UA aims to unite creative individuals who are ready to encourage and support each other as we together build — piece by piece — a new Arc of Ukraine.

During the meeting, we will discuss how to build a successful, sustainable, content-rich, and value-driven publishing house, each project of which — whether it’s the Ukrainian-language online journal «The Arc», the English-language print journal «The Black Sea Whale» or books («Mochi Manta», «Narrative», «Failed State», and «A Brief History of Misogyny») — embraces the ambitious goal of cultural change, and most importantly — how LNAA students can contribute to these changes.


The meeting will be moderated by the creative editor of ARC.UA, Marko Suprun.

Among the speakers will be the chief editor of the publishing house, Uliana Suprun.

During the event, presented books and journals will be available for purchase.


See you at the LNAA Shelter!