April 4, 2024

Awarding Certificates from the Charity Foundation «Friends of LNAА»

On April 4 a solemn certificate award ceremony was held at the LNAA Gallery, marking a special moment for our entire team. After completing all stages of selection, including application submissions, interviews, and finding patrons, we eagerly awaited this day. It was filled with joy, smiles, and happy faces, with whom we had already become friends and shared their emotions.

This semester, thanks to the generosity of our patrons, we were able to provide financial support to 26 students, covering their tuition fees and part of their living expenses. This will help them continue their creative journey without worrying about financial difficulties.

The reactions of our scholarship recipients, who hugged, jumped, and cried with joy, deeply moved us the night before, filling us with a great mood for the entire day.

The certificate award ceremony is not just a formal procedure; it’s also an opportunity to share our joy and support with our students. Starting from the inspiring speeches of Rector Vasyl Kosiv and President of the Foundation Oleksiy Cherednychenko, and ending with congratulations, we felt that we had become part of one big family.